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Increase Productivity by Eliminating Spam. Apply filters to only allow the access of work related content. Contact us today to find out more about our content filtering services.

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Increase Productivity by Eliminating Spam

Apply filters to only allow the access of work related content.

Maximizing the efficiency of your employees is a critical component of company growth, and your job is to provide them with the tools needed to be efficient. While the internet is one of the most important resources for your employees, if not properly controlled, the internet can create its own inefficiencies.

Allowing your employees open access to the internet could lead to it being used for non-work related activities. By having the ability to control access to certain types of content, such as social networks or streaming websites, you help to ensure that your team is staying on task throughout the day. Our content filtering solution allows you to control who is given access to what by setting up specific user groups with varies access levels.

Reduce Security Threats

Take control of your network security by limiting access to distasteful content.

One of the most critical aspects of business is protecting personal information and other sensitive company material. Unfortunately, there are always new intrusion threats, which are perpetrated by cyber criminals who may be targeting your personal information or company data for the purpose of causing harm, or to sell your data to other parties.

One of the more common security threats involves delivering malware, in the form of a virus, Trojan horse, Ransomware, or Internet worm to websites that receive a lot of web traffic. If a user accidently clicks a link or installs a file from one of these websites, which look completely legitimate by the way, these malicious files create security vulnerabilities which can compromise your entire network.

SNS Technologies can help you take complete control of these types of security threats and protect your business from unwanted intruders by integrating a custom content filtering solution for your business.


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