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Google apps have made it easy for businesses to take advantage of cloud-based productivity. By doing your work with Google Apps, your projects will always be backed up and accessible by everyone on your team from the web browser of any device. Team collaboration has never been this easy. Thanks to the Google Apps cloud-based model, the days of employees being tied to hard-wired workstations and having to share projects over a network are over. With Google apps, all your work is now securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible by your team.

Google Apps give organizations the ability to improve team collaboration by opening up a world of real-time communication. Every Google App lets you bring in team members on text documents, presentation slides, spreadsheets, and more, to make edits together and add comments in real-time. The ability to have real-time editing on your projects can save considerable time and eliminate much of the need for creative meetings. After you have experienced the ease and convenience of working with cloud-based apps, you will never give it up.

Using Gmail to Tie-in All of your Apps

Gmail's versatility makes managing your business a piece of cake.

Gmail is a secure cloud-based e-mail solution that brings all of your Google Apps together in Google Drive. Google Apps with Gmail have all the necessary capabilities to keep your company's workflow efficient. Gmail also provides offline support that will allow you to access and continue working on your project, even if you are offline.

Stay Organized with Google Calendar

One easy to use calendar makes for seamless team management.

Organizing an entire team and having them all on the same page has always been challenging for businesses. Google Calendar is an easy cloud-based solution to this problem. Since Google Calendar connects with all of the other Google Apps, your team can now quickly check everyone else's schedule for conflicts, automatically find openings, and communicate with each other through other Google apps such as Gmail, Google Doc, and Google Hangouts.

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