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Security and Compliance for Healthcare provider offices is easy with SNS Managed Healthcare IT Support.

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At SNS Technologies, we understand the strict privacy policies and mandated guidelines required for health practitioners to succeed in the digital age. Keeping your patient's information secure and private is of the utmost importance, and the transfer of information between healthcare providers, insurers, patients, and other administrative entities requires top-notch technology solutions as well as highly regulated security standards.

The U.S. Government established privacy rules which regulate the disclosure and use of a patient's healthcare information. Don't let these regulations affect your ability to utilize digital medical records. We can help to ensure that your practice meets all of the necessary HIPPA and HITECH compliance standards in order to take advantage of modern technology and streamline operations.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

You don't need to sacrifice technology to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a piece of United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding patient health and medical information. By law, all hospitals and medical practices are required to implement certain security and technology features achieve compliance. The price of not being compliant with HIPAA or HITECH is extremely risky.

SNS Technologies understands what it takes for hospitals and medical practitioners to stay on top of a wide-range of compliance issues, as well as the IT security solutions required for the healthcare industry. We can help your organization implement fresh IT solutions which not only streamline your day-to-day workflows, they also keep your practice within the boundaries of HIPAA security rule and HITECH act.

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